Antas sealants participated FENSTERBAU FRONTALE 2016


Antas sealant is the only sealant brand from China that participated FENSTERBAU FRONTALE 2016.
The the event held between 16 and 19 March brought 110,581* experts from the wood and window industries to Nuremberg, presenting new developments and innovations from the wood processing industry and the fields of window, door and façade construction.

All the window and exterior contractors, cabinet-makers, architects and the retail trade, had the opportunity to learn about the latest profile systems, hardware, structural elements, the use of glass in architecture, fitting technology, safety and shade technology, as well as machinery and plan.
The next combined FENSTERBAU FRONTALE and HOLZ-HANDWERK trade fair will be held at the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg on 21-24 March 2018.


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