New Employee Orientation Training of Guangzhou Jointas Chemcial

New Employee Orientation Training of Guangzhou Jointas Chemical Joint Stock Co., Ltd. was held on July 7, 2016.

The 58 new employees were shown themselves from 800 interviewees, and joined Jointas from every corner of China. They will have 9 days training here. On the morning of July 7, 2016, they were trained Outward bound by the professional teams.

On the afternoon, the senior executives and managers attended the opening ceremony of the new employees.  Mr. Shi Zhengjin , the technical director, made a wonderful and special speech “Open University and Jointas Culture” for the new employees.

At 18:00, an intense basketball match was held between the new employees and the headquarters.

The training will be going on, and it will help the new employees to change from students to working people.


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