The Bird-Watch in Liuxi River by Jointas new employees

On July 11, the Bird-Watch team of Jointas new employees came to Liuxi River National Forest Park, and participated in the Bird-Watch Culture Activities, that is a special activity of Jointas.

About 10AM, the new employees, in the uniform T shits, with the professional telescopes, gathered in the gate of Liuxi River National Forest Park, and then hiked along the main road of the park. They spent a wonderful Bird-Watch time with the 3 Bird-Watch experts and Jointas president, Mr. Zou Zhenfu.


The activities were assisted by Cuncaoxin, the County Environment Protection Education Promotion Association. The chairman and the secretary –general acted as special instructors, and initiated the knowledge and the idea of Bird-Loving.

Cuncaoxin was established in 2004, “Love the bird, and love the nature, and be an environmentalist” is the core purpose. Mr. Zou Zhenfu is the Honorary President, and he donated and pushed the rapid growth of Cuncaoxin over the years.


Guangzhou Jointas Chemical Joint Stock Co., Ltd., is an enterprise with intense social responsibility, and all people of Jointas, in the leader of Mr. Zou Zhenfu, take an active part in the charitable activities of green and environmental protection and giving back to the society.


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