Grand foundation laying ceremony of Jointas Chemical Industrial Zone


A grand foundation laying ceremony for Jointas(Antas) Chemical Industrial Zone was held on April 25, 2014. The new industrial zone with an area of 180, 000 square meter is located in Mingzhu, Bietou, Conghua, Guangzhou. The construction of modernization, standardization, automation of production base will greatly improve Antas sealant and Jointas water-base paint production capacity.


Lots of leaders of government and associations of paint and sealant made warm speeches, and they expressed warm congratulations on growth and progress of Jointas Chemical, and wish Jointas chemical to achieve great leap-forward development in the near future.

The first phrase is 60, 000 square meter and will be invested 350 million yuan, annual output 200,00 tons of water paint, will be built 50 million silicone sealant production base, to meet the needs of the company in the future five years of market expansion.
The new industry zone includes production workshop, warehouse, dormitory management office and workers living quarters. The biggest bright spot is not only upgrade the original production line and will also further improve production and living conditions of the workers. New workers quarters will be equipped according to the standard university graduate student dormitory, to meet the need of skilled workers in the new period.

According to the plan, the first production line for the new site will be entered at the end of this year, the first phase is expected to be completed in May next year.


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