Hidden frame glass curtain wall aluminum frame for holding glass and no -load-bearing, It is totally dependent on structural adhesive to bond the glass on aluminum frame , aluminum frame all hidden behind the glass , forming a large all-glass mirror

where to use:

1)The method of mounting assembly or unit member unit , unit assembly components or units and other mechanical clamping pieces and then glue glass structure formed in the sub- frame is fixed to the main grid ( columns, beams ) or on the main structure . Structural adhesive to bear the weight of the glass , the glass is exposed to wind and earthquake , and the effects of temperature changes , so structural adhesive is hidden frame glass curtain wall security key , requires structural adhesives have a strong adhesive force and scalable performance .

2) Finally, among the unit is equipped with a joint reserve component weathering sealing sealant , forming a closed curtain wall system , to achieve beautiful decoration , sealing effect, therefore, the requirements of the selected weather sealant has outstanding weather resistance, displacement capability and so on. .

Hidden frame glass curtain wall construction and weather sealing optional product support solutions

Where to us Model Product
(1) Antas -169 Silicone Structural Sealant
Antas-168 Two Component Silicone Structural Sealant
(2) Antas-193 Neutral Silicone weatherproof Sealant
Antas-198 High elastic silicone weatherproof Sealant (High Performance for curtain wall)
Antas-191 neutral curing translucent silicone sealant(curtain wall weatherproof silicone sealant )