House renovation
Modern architecture is generally made ​​of aluminum alloy doors and windows , glass sealant compositions and made ​​architectural lighting and ventilation as well as bear shelter role, especially in some coastal cities , typhoons , storms are more requirements for doors and windows with a strong waterproof sealant seals ability

where to use:

1) For windows and doors in various materials joints require sealant waterproof seal , including joints , aluminum and glass facades and aluminum sash and outside the sealing of joints .

2) In many cases, especially in northern areas of China , door frames and wall at the time of installation , there will be a large gap in the middle , this time the need to use foam sealant ( foam ) in caulk , caulking play , waterproof the role of noise insulation

Doors and windows waterproof sealing solutions

Where to use Model product
(1) Antas-172 Neutral Silicone Sealant (Doors and windows)
Antas-192 Neutral Silicone Sealant (Doors and windows)
(2) Antas-218 Polyurethane Foam