Full decoration range includes the following general seal adhesion

where to use

1) all kinds of wood bonded and fixed lines, Door line , plaster , floor tiles, each in a variety of decorative accessories and wall works, and so , as is the interior , and the installation point more decentralized , it is required to be environmentally friendly adhesive sealant fast , and stronger adhesive force , to achieve the best bonding effect the entire renovation ;

2) Kitchen sinks and bathroom with bath , wash basin and other winger mildew seal. Kitchen & Bath are more humid places , and often come into contact with some chemicals , so the sealant higher antifungal properties3) Mirrors and other special material bonding fixed . The back of the mirror can easily be ordinary oxime sealant corroded , it must be compatible with the choice of the mirror on the back of the silver coating for the sealing material .

Full renovation ( internal) for the sealing solutions

Where to use Model 产品名称


Antas-136 Nail Free Adhesive
(2) Antas-175 Silicone Mildew Resistant Sealant