Upholding the enterprise philosophy to product safe sealants for customers, the company has been continuously advancing the research and development of advanced technologies and improving the quality of products through innovations so as to make greater contributions to the market expansion and play the part of the pioneer to promote the development of the industry.


It will establish more comprehensive and sound service network and give full play to the product and technology advantage of the company’s direct-sales and one-stop service of the company to provide professional application solutions for the world construction industry.


Promote the development of brand through the development of personnel and reach the consensus inside the company to respect people, trust people, rely on people and cultivate people and take the people-oriented path for the development of the company.

Social Responsibility

Adhere to the production of environment-friendly products, pursue “green chemical and professional quality” and dedicated to the research of chemical materials that are conducive to environmental protection and safety assurance to forge ahead in the building of a time-honored company.

Go along with excellent partners

Establish fine relationship with interested parties concerned, carry out strategic cooperation with them, enable every and each customer to witness the growth and development of the company together.

Outlook on Value

Management: simple wisdom

Humanity environment: natural and harmonious

Employment standard: honest, enthusiastic and competent


Honest and upright, frank with others

Make every decision and service responsible to customers

Have a proper understanding and evaluation of risks on the basis of facts and truth


Working whole-heartedly is not only an attitude but also the breast of mind

Go all out with every innovation

Keep attentive on every project

Work heart and soul for every customer


Proper person in proper position

Not content with current situation and seek for breakthrough continuously

Make constant self-improvement to win the market