Water-base Anti-corrosion Paint Sales Division

Jointas waterborne antiseptic paint is developed with nanometer technology to take place of traditional organic solvent with waterborne solvent, which has significantly decreased the production of benzol, methylbenzene, dimethylbenzene, methyl aldehyde, free TDI and other hazardous substances and is featured by low VOC emission and low resource consumption.

Over the past 15 years, Jointas has been focusing on the research and development, manufacture and service of waterborne paints and is aimed to provide safe, healthy and environment-friendly water-base anti–corrosion paints to usher in the new era of green anti-corrosion. The products have been successfully used in The Three Gorges power plants, Maoming Petrochemical, Baiyun international airport and other key projects.

Hybridized Sealant Sales Division

ointas auto/ship sealant products are directionally developed with the strategic partner Wacker Chemie AG. The product uses the most advanced STP-E (α—Silane-Terminated Polyether) in the polyurethanes sealant research and development polyurethanes technology to address the environmental protection and poor stability faced by most of the products in the field. The products are the ideal substitute of polyurethane sealant and MS sealant.

Construction Paint and Home Decoration Sealant Sales Division

The Jointas multifunctional products use nano-modification technology and inorganic synthesis technologies to substitute organic solvent with water overturning the traditional concept of paints and put an end to the pollution of benzol, xylene, methyl aldehyde and other organic solvents in home decoration.

The products are widely used in the internal and external wall decoration, furniture decoration and protection, blacksmith decoration and corrosion proof in home decoration. Green technology, low-carbon and environment-friendly, the waterborne multifunctional paint of Jointas will usher in the brand new idea of green home decoration.

Freight Container Product Sales Division

Jointas Container Sealant and asphalt paint series of products including container-use water-base sealant, water-base asphalt paint, water-base acrylic acid, epoxy, polyurethane polyurethanes and other environment-friendly products to provide overall support for containers.

At present, all container companies in China are using or ever used Jointas sealant fro freight container, such as TRITON, MAERSK, TEX, ZIM, INTERPOOL, FLORENS. The sealant has also been exported to Turkey, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries and regions. In 2002, the container sealant of Jointas was identified by experts as the industrial standard of the container sealant in China.