Enjoy the work and live a happy life

The company advocates that all employees shall do their utmost at work and relax in life and is striving to provide competitive salaries and welfare mechanism. The company does not adopt the punch-in system but result-oriented self-management mode to give all employees complete trust and space for performance. It also tries to create the atmosphere of family, where employees could better use their creativity and subjective initiative and would feel more free, initiative, happier and warmer.

Talents Training

“Honest, diligent and enterprising” is the philosophy and principle the company has adhered to in talents cultivation over the past years. All employees shall be honest, diligent and competent in their position. The company is devoted to providing a free and desirable platform for all its employees and is concerned about the adaptability of employees to work and long-term growth. It tries to build up the consensus inside the company to respect people, trust people, rely on people and cultivate people” and promote the development of brands on the basis of the personal development of individual employees.

Internal Training

Every newcomer of the company needs to accept the one-month closed systematic training on position knowledge and skills. The technology research and development department would introduce relevant product knowledge, while the marketing and sales department would introduce etiquette, PR and sales skills. The company also introduces in the third party training institutes to carry out quality orientation activities to help them develop teamwork awareness. Besides, the top management of the company would hold talks with newly-recruited employees on their personal growth and the development of the company. The new employees would also be arranged to visit factories and production bases of customers according to the different characteristics of customer groups to understand the enterprise culture of the company and smoothly adapt to the new work environment.

Tutorial system

New employees would receive one-to-one guidance and assistant under the mentoring mode of management after entering the company. The training involves sales simulation, product introduction and customer communication in details to help them allay the fear and timidity and successfully complete the transition from college to workplace.

When mentioning the mentoring mechanism, Chairman Zou Huifu says, “Our management is mainly intended to avoid the interest competition between employees. If so, they would not make a complete and harmonious group willing to share resources with each other. So, we shall try to avoid the problem. Only in this way would the senior managers help managers and heads of departments help ordinary employees. All colleagues would share and grow up with each other without reservation.”