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Antas-133 Waterproof and Jointing Butyl Sealant

Waterproof and jointing Sealant (AT-133) AT-133 is waterproofsealant that is one-component, solvent evaporation curing butylrubber. It has excellent water resistance and aging …

Product Description

Antas-133 is waterproof sealant that is one-component, solvent evaporation curing butyl rubber. It has excellent water resistance and aging resistance It has good adhesion to concrete, metal, wood, stone and plastic surfaces. It is mainly used for sealing the gap external doors and windows frame. And it is also used for waterproof and jointing of the metope and the spot.

1. solvent evaporation curing butyl rubber, the cured rubber sealant is flexible, and has good movement performance
2. water insoluuble, easy application in raining season
3. paintable
4. good adhesion to cerement, metal, wood, plastics and most other construction materials
5. anti-static

between the window/door frame and the outside wall;
between the wall and the awning;
Greater displacement of the roof, wall expansion joint caulking and sealing;
Welding line of automotive car.

1)The surface of the sealant is a little bit rough, but no need to modify. The sealant will change to be smooth within 5 minutes.
2)The main component of AT-133 is butyl rubber and organic solvent. It changes to be soft rubber so that it has good performance of anti-cracking because of the heat expands and cold contracts.
3)Do not to pressure the raised surface of the sealant to be smooth, otherwise it is easy to crack when the sealant dries and contracts.
4)The thickness of the sealant should be more than 5 mm. Otherwise, it is easy to crack. The width of the applied sealant should be 12mm or so. If the width is more than 12mm, two or more times of application are requried to assure that the sealant covers the gap fully. 2-3mm sealant should be beyond the gap.
5) When the room remperature is lower than 0 degree, the sealant changes to be dense. It is recommanded to be heated in room 50 degree.
6)Before application, the test of adhesion between the sealant and the substrate must be done.
7)The color of the sealant may change to be yellow, but it has no effect on the quality and the performance of the sealant. Color change is the speciality of oily sealant.
8)There is 20% shrinkage because of the solvent evaporation. Please reference this data to decide the thickness and the width of the sealant.
9)Do not use acetic material to wash the surface of the substrate, otherwise the sealant will blister and will has quality problem of adhesion.

Enterprise Standard Q / ATHX 3-2008 Butyl-based sealant for construction

Surface preparation 
The surface of the substrates must be compact and substantial, dry and clean, without dust, oil, water, frost, surface dirt and other foreign matter and contaminants. Othwise it will has influence on the adhesion and even to sagging and cracking. But the water and rain have no effect on the sealant after it applies.

Solidify, Maintenance and Maintain 
After the solvent evaporates, AT-133 begin to cure. The tack free time is about 30 minutes. It takes about 28 days to be fully cured. The substrate has to remain fixed and flat during the first stage of application. As for maintenance, we can repair surface with the solvent to clean, and then marked with the new sealant of the same color and quality.

AT -133 standard composite tube packaging, the net capacity is 300ml.

AT-133 is black, white, gray or dark gray.

Transport and storage
This product is a flammable product but not explosive, and can be transported by normal means of transportation.
Products must be stored under 27 degree in cool and dry place.

The fully cured sealant is not noxious. Avoid skin and eye contacting uncured sealant. Good ventilation are ensured when applying. Take protective measures if needed. Keep put of reach of children and fire when applying.

Shelf life:
12 months from the manufacturing date under 27 degree.

Technical parameters:
Number Test items Q/(GK)AT 3 Index Measured Value
1 appearance Even paste Even paste
2 Sag degree Verticality, mm ≤ 3 0
3 Horizontal No deformation No deformation
4 Extrudability, ml/min ≥ 80 269
5 Unvolatile mass, (wt)% ≥ 60 83.6
6 Density, g/ml 1.35± 0.1 1.31
7 Tack- free time, min ≤ 180 66
8 Adhesion-in-peel, N/min ≥ 0.4 1.25
9 Low-temperature flexibility, º C -10º C No crack



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