Antas-193 Silicone Weatherproof Sealant

Antas-193 is onecomponent, neutral cure silicone weathering sealant, specially designed for weathering and waterproof for curtain wall. And it can be widely used in broad temperature …

Product Description

Antas-193 is one-component, neutral cure silicone weathering sealant, specially designed for weathering and waterproof for curtain wall. And it can be widely used in broad temperature range and cures by the moisture of the air. With excellent performance of anti-UV radiation, ozone and high-low temperature, it has excellent adhesion to most building materials.

1) Neutral cure, no pollution and corrosion on metal, coated glass, concrete, marble and other building materials
2) Excellent adhesion to most building materials
3) Excellent weathering performance with service life over 50 years under general weather.
4) Excellent performance within broad temperature range. The cured sealant will not change to be brittle, hardened or cracked at -30 degree. It will not change to be soft and deteriorated, and will keep good strength and flexibility at 90 degree.
5) Compatibility with other neutral silicone sealant and other accessory facilities
6) Ideal material for jointing, sealing, bonding and moving joints.

1) non-structural sealing the joints of curtain wall
2) bonding joints with high performance of weatherability
3) sealing the gap of the construction wall
4) other bonding and waterproof for general purpose.

JC/T 882-2001
ISO 11600-2002

Antas-193 should not be applied:
1). To building materials that bleed oil, plasticizer or solvent, to materials such as impregnated wood, oil-based caulks, green or partially vulcanized rubber gaskets, or tapes or bituminous below-grade waterproof and asphalt-impregnated fiberboard.
2). In totally confined spaces.
3). When substrate surface temperature exceeds 40 degree ~4 degree.
4). To wet surface.
5). On the surface in direct contact with food.
6). For continual high pressure and temperature.
7). When paint is required to sealant.
8). For structural glazing.
9). Construction of an aquarium installation and sealing.
10). Oxime-cure sealant can’t be used for the circuit board or the backface of the mirror because the oxime-cure sealant will corrode the surface. Alcohol-cure sealant is recommended for the purpose.

Priming is not usually required when using Antas-193. However, sealant adhesion should always be tested to determine the need for a primer. If required, primer should be applied in a thin film to the joint surface using a clean lint-free cloth and allowed to dry before sealant application.

Technical service:
Technical details are available in Antas for customers.
Adhesion test, compatibility test and stain test are available before sealant application.

Solidify, Maintenance and Maintain:
Antas-193 begins curing when it contacts with moisture in the air. The surface dry time is about 40minutes. It generally takes 21 days for fully-cure. In the beginning of using the sealant, please remain fixed and flat in the sealant places. Maintenance, we can repair surface with the solvent to clean, and then marked with the new sealant of the same color and quality.

It has no toxicity after entirely cured. Avoid eye contact it when operating. If happened, rinse opened eye under running water for several minutes. During the curing process, sealant will release a small amount of organic molecules. Construction should ensure good ventilation. If necessary, take protective measures. Please keep out of reach of children.

300ml cartridge or 500ml sausage

AT-193 is in black, white, grey and other colors customer required

Transport and storage:
This product is flammable but not explosive, and can be delivered by normal means of transportation.
The products must be stored under 27 degree, in the cool and dry place.

Shelf life:

9 months from the manufacturing date under 27 degree.
Number Test items JC/T 882-2001 index Measured value
1 Appearance Even,exquisite paste, Even,exquisite paste,
no bubble,no skinning,no gel no bubble,no skinning,no gel
2 Density, g/cm3 Specified value±0.1 1.5
3 Tack free time,h ≤ ≤ 3 0.7
4 Tensile Modulus (23ºC) MPa ≥0.4   or 0.8
Tensile Modulus (-20ºC) MPa ≤0.6 N/M
5 Extrudability, ml/min,≥ ≥ 80 347
6 Sag degree(Horizontal), mm,≤ No deformation No deformation
Sag degree(Verticality),mm,≤ ≤ 3 0
7 Elongation at constant load No destruction No destruction
8 Elongation after hot-press&hard-draw at constant load (%) No destruction No destruction
9 Elongation after water & UV-radiationat constant load (%) No destruction No destruction


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